About us

Tenderstories is a talent incubator specialising in the scouting and development of original stories with an international outlook.

The company, founded upon the initiative of Moreno Zani and backed by the expertise of Malcom Pagani, is a leader in the content market, as an expression of experiences capable of giving life to what has always been irreplaceable in the lives of each of us: stories.

Tenderstories acquires, develops and produces, on its own or in participation with selected partners, the most promising and potential intellectual properties on the international market.

Tenderstories hosts the art incubator TenderToArt, carrying out the programme by selecting and producing original artistic projects.

This is the spirit that animates this entrepreneurial experience, strengthened by the enthusiasm of its partners and founded on a firm belief: no great story deserves to be ignored.

Tenderstories is part of the same group as Tendercapital, one of the more dynamic and independent players in the asset management panorama

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